It is common knowledge that when you focus on something, you start noticing it everywhere.

When I purchased my first car, I couldn’t believe how many showed up on the road the next day. Does that mean there was a sudden onslaught of people buying the exact same car the day before? Probably not. But what you focus on tends to proliferate. So we thought, how can we start focusing on happiness? What could we start noticing that would then allow us to make MORE of it just by being aware of it?

The answer, as you know by now, is “smiles”. Which is perfect, because we’re dentists — we deal with smiles every day. The thing about smiles is you can’t notice them without making more of them. And you can’t make more of them without adding to your own happiness and the happiness of the people around you.

Try it. Use your smile-collecting kit to start adding to your own happiness and the happiness of those around you. There are four sections to this kit — one for each week of your smile-collecting adventure. Each section has an essay and a prompt for deeper reflection, as well as a daily smiles log. You can simply check these off as you notice your smiles, or fill them in at the end of the day.


Happy collecting!